Hosting package Price Hike

  • 2nd September 2022
Dear Customer,  We have increased the value of some  hosting packages and updated from September 1st 2022,    Plan Name  Type Rates ENTRY Plan Shared-Hosting  $24.65   A KVM 4  VPS server  $30.00   M  KVM 16 VPS Server $115.00 M KVM 32 VPS Server $210.00 M SuperFast Semi-dedicated ...
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Top-Level-Domain Price Hike

  • 1st September 2022
Dear Customer,  As per the declaration by the Registry, the standard price of the following TLDs updated from August 31, 2022, We have tried our best to keep the impact minimum.   Revised pricing for Domain ...
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Cloudflare plugin deprecated, to be removed

  • 8th August 2022
Dear Customers, We were recently contacted by Cloudflare in regards to them discontinuing the Cloudflare plugin for cPanel: "We are writing to provide a final notice of the upcoming end-of-life of Cloudflare's Legacy Host & Reseller Partner Program. Due to the costs of maintaining and supporting the legacy Host Program, Cloudflare is ...
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Prices Increase Notification

  • 26th May 2022
Dear Customers,With this announcement, we would like to inform you that the recent devaluation of our PKR currency in relation to the US Dollar is affecting the web hosting industry as well. To cover up the cost impact, it is necessary for us to increase the prices in PKR with immediate effect.  We pay web server & others service fees in USD ...
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